Appointment schedule
Appointment schedule:

  • Colour coded appointment display
  • Easy to access and control customer appointments, transfers and cancellations
  • 1-7 days on the screen
  • Viewing one or more employees’ appointments side by side
  • Easy navigation
  • Multiple patient booking / time slot available

Patient records
Patient records:

  • All the important patient histories, appointment notes, test results, adjustments etc. are displayed on one screen
  • Clear view and easy to edit
  • New information can be added by clicking the appropriate boxes on the screen
  • Text fields include ready templates which makes writing down notes lot faster

Billing and Transactions:

  • Registering the payment method (cash, bankcard, credit card or invoice)
  • Printing out invoices
  • Register invoiced payments/part payments
  • Follow the open invoices easily
  • Viewing each chiropractor’s monetary transactions within specific dates


  • Monitor and improve practice results
  • Doctor Reports
  • Financial Reporting
  • Reports regarding patient inflow
  • etc.

Other features:

  • Backup
  • Single and multiple computer versions
  • Mass e-mail sending fuction.