ChiroAdjustors appointment schedule features include:

  • Color coded appointment display
  • Easy to access and controll customer appointments, transfers and cancellations
  • 1-7 days on the screen
  • Viewing one or more employees´ appoinments side by side
  • Easy navigation
  • Multiple patient booking / time slot available 
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ChiroAdjustors patient records features include:

  • All the important patient histories, appointment notes, test results, adjustments etc. are displayed on one screen
  • Clear view and easy to edit
  • New information can be added by clicking the appropriate boxes on the screen
  • Text fields include ready templates which makes writing down notes lot faster
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ChiroAdjustors billing and transaction features include:

  • Registering the payment method (cash, bankcard, credit card or invoice)
  • Printing out invoices & letters
  • egister invoiced payments/part payments
  • Follow the open invoices easily
  • Viewing each chiropractor’s monetary transactions within specific dates
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ChiroAdjustors reports and other features include:

  • Monitor and improve practice results
  • Doctor Reports
  • Financial Reporting
  • Reports regarding patient inflow
  • Backup
  • Single and multiple computer versions
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Prices starting from 1290€ and New Graduate discount: -50%. Go to Downloads and get a free demo.


ChiroAdjustor is a patient management system designed particularly for the use of chiropractors. It has been developed over 8 years by practising chiropractors and IT specialists.

The system takes into account all the specifics of managing patient information at the chiropractors practise. With the ChiroAdjustor software you can manage appointments, patient details and monetary transactions and produce various reports. The software is also accessible remotely with a high-speed internet connection.

Why to Choose CA?

You can really speed up your Clinic procedures because CA is very fast and easy to use. You can see all important patient file information in a unique “all in one” Patient File view. Adding information is simplified with ready templates and mouse click functions without loosing the comprehensivenes of your patient records. CA is now available in multiple languages (English, French, Spanish, German and Finnish).


Prices starting from 1290€ and New Graduate discount: -50%

We are currently looking for country representatives. Representative will be rewarded from gaining new customers. If you think that you are a good candidate for doing that please ask more details from sales(at)